Ship cemetery in Turkey - timelapse from satellite imagery

You can find a lot of interesting places on Earth.

The one below is a “ship cemetery” in Turkey: they dismantle old cargo ships there, turning it back into the raw metal and other resources.

There were a headlines during covid, that this cemetery is crowded by abandoned ships. Due to pandemia, lower demand of transport, economy crisis blah blah blah.

So I did my own check: first I downloaded a lot of imagery from Copernicus, for last two years or so. It took ages, their servers are not superfast. Than I sorted out images with lot of clouds, making use of my trained neural network. After that, I tryied to balance colors, with little success, however. The images are taken in different day times, so colors vary from warm sunshine to cold evening blue.

Finally, I did some cropping, added titles and compiled it into the MP4 movie.

The result is a nice timelapse, showing that the headlines were, as often, bullshit: no overcrowding happens. They eat the ships on a steady pace.

On a top middle you can see, how skilled Turkish workers demolish the ships bit by bit.

Download the video here

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