Programmer - Python, Django

Status: Open for consulting only - drop me a line about your needs

I have 30+ years of experience in software development.
During those years I coded in many different, sometimes obscure, languages: machine code, assembler, C, C++, Pascal, Basic, .NET, PHP, game engines and many others.

Now I work mostly in Python/Django. I am kind of full-stack developer, good at database design, connecting unconnectable things, solving puzzles and making things work.
I also play with AI and neural networks, however I am far from being expert in that field.

Current tech stack: Python, Django, Flask, *SQL, Bash, GIT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript + some frontend frameworks (preferably React), Bootstrap, Docker, basic sysadmin tasks.

Languages: Czech, English (fluent), Spanish (A level), traces of Russian, German.

Some of my projects: - Data project, counting CO2 emission for various pollution sources. Django based in early stage of development.

Dispatcher - Industrial system for controlling production and dispatch of the concrete. Browser based DB application. Python backend (ORM, Flask), Javascript (+JS framework) frontend.

CRM system - - I did some work on CRM system for the Czech Pirate Party. The entire thing was broken, with half-written features, nonexisting bug tracking and so on. I refactored 90% of the code, managed hundreds of untracked user requests, did some integrations and fixed plenty of bugs. Still not a state of the art, but a fine example of taking over the messy project and turning it into something that works.

Payment tracking system for non-profit organization Otevřená města. It was a “make it work” kind of gig. They had some system and needed to rebrand it, make some tweaks, modify data model to fit into their organization scheme, and, finally, connect the entire beast to the 3rd party SSO provider (MojeID).
Update: the system is not public anymore, so you can’t see it in action.

Playing with Copernicus: with gigabytes of satellite imagery, available via project Copernicus, you can see a lot on the surface of our mother Earth. Using Python, I processed satellite images with some basic AI, and played with generating timelapses. It is kind of work I do for fun, those two examples took one afternoon each.